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We want to remove the stigma that surrounds Adult Toys and help you feel comfortable and confident in your choice to add something new and exciting to your life.

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What?! I can’t hear you! I’ve got a banana in my vagina!


I attended my first ever Adult Novelty Expo this past September in Las Vegas at the Rio Casino Hotel. It was an amazing experience and I met people of all ages and from all walks of life dedicated to promoting a happy and healthy sexual experience.

Among all the dildos, vibrators, lubes, lingerie and bondage items, I found a most unlikely, and very unassuming, miracle!

The Magic Banana is designed build your inner strength (and we’re not talking about your spirit)! But more than that, and for those women who are jsut beginning to explore their sexual selves, the Magic Banana is also designed to help you find your G-Spot.

Made of smooth, non-toxic FDA approved tubing, it’s discreet enough to not embarass you or TSA when traveling!

Right now you can save 30% of the retail price of this nifty device! Click the link below and read more about this fantasticly stimulating little gem!


Exercisers for vaginal muscles

Exercisers for vaginal muscles

Dress Up Your Fantasies


Halloween is fast approaching, and we can’t think of a better time to dress up your fantasies with sexy, luxurious and erotic lingerie and costumes.

So where can you shop for your new lingerie wardrobe?  Victoria’s Secret, Fredericks of Hollywood and your local Halloween outlet come to mind first. Sadly, I’m not a size 2, so none of these stores rarely have anything in stock that I can readily wear.  This is where your online adult novelty retailers come in handy.

Coquette gets my vote for having a fantastic selection of both non-size 2 lingerie and costumes. With silky baby-dolls and g-strings, beautiful satin and lace corsets, and sizzling bustiers, Coquette has something to cover every sized body. But they don’t stop there….their costumes capture every dress up fantasy you’re liable to have.

You don’t have to be a size 2 to enjoy your body and to dress up and show off your curves. Indulge your curves and your fantasies and play a serious game of dress up!

The Best Advice I Ever Got


It took me a long time to become comfortable with shopping in an adult toy store. Admittedly this was because it took me a while to become comfortable with my own body and to know what I like and what I don’t like.  It also took a certain level of maturity and confidence to walk into an  adult toy store and not bust out in giggles when browsing the varied walls of toys filled from top to bottom.

I imagine that this is the same feeling that most newer adult toy shoppers have too. It can be intimidating, awkward, and maybe even embarassing, especially if there are other patrons browsing the aisles with you. You’ll probably notice that unless you’re in the party favors section, most patrons will work to browse a particular aisle alone.

But here’s the great thing about many adult toy stores these days: the sales people have been personally trained by the top vendors in the industry to skillfully and professionally educate customers about the products, to include their usage for maximum benefits, how they should be cleaned, stored and basically cared for. Just like anything else, take care of your toys and they will take care of you and last for a very long time.

That said, however, it would be hard to approach or be approached by a sales person who doesn’t look like the exude that discreet knowledge. Kids with tattoos, baggy pants, piercings and bright blue hair might not be the first person a mature couple would look to for advice on vibrators. But then again, you never know. I’m not judging as a person (because I don’t particularly care), but I am judging as a business owner and entrepreneur. Once day when Ultimate G Spot opens its first retail location, I can guarantee you that ours sales associates will be discreet, well dressed, professional, knowledgable, clean and approachable.

All of that notwithstanding, the best advice I ever got when purchasing a vibrator was from a girl who looked exactly like that person I first described; shocking white and pink hair, goth makeup, and a few piercings. However, she was very nice and, as it turned out, extremely knowledgable.  Who knew that certain materials transfer vibrations better? And did you ever consider where in the toy the vibrator was located? Or how about how important variable speed control can be? But most importantly, and for all you ladies out there, if you’re looking for a clitoral vibrator, touch it to the end of your nose. The feeling you get up there is almost exactly like the feeling you’ll get down there.

And that, my friends, is the best advice I ever got.

My Toy is Made of What?


The number of adult toys on the market numbers in the thousands. Tens of thousands. So what is everything made of and why should you care?

Well, there are a lot of reasons why you should know and care. A majority of adult toys are made from composites of rubbers and plastics. Some are even made of varying types of glass. All materials provide for different feel, hardness, flexibility and durability.  And some may generate a dangerous allergic reaction.

Beware of Latex and Phthalate:  Latex allergies are pretty common. Many surgical gloves and condoms are latex-free. The worst way to find out you’re allergic to latex is to develop a reaction. Itching on the outside is bad enough; itching on the inside would be worse! Steer clear of latex if you’re not sure or if you are highly sensitive. Now for Phthalates. Phthalate is a substance added to plastics to increase their flexibility and durability. Their primary use is the soften PVC, another common component in adult toys. Why the fuss? Phthalate can easily leech into your system and become toxic in your body. If your toys contain phthalates, be sure to use a condom with them.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride):  PVC is a popular material for making adult toys. It’s available in a various degrees of hardness, can be used to create tons of great colors, and is very durable. PVC is also latex-free, cleans up easily with mild soap and water, and is compatible with all types of lubricants. If you’re purchasing a PVC adult toy, make sure you check to see that its phthalate free.

Silicone:  Great things about silicone: hypo-allergenic, non-porous, easy to clean and durable! Adult toys made from silicone are probably your best choice if you’re concerned about any kind of allergic reaction. These toys are always phthalate free. Silicone toys also have a life-like feel, warm to body temperature, and transfer vibrations well. Because of the materials and manufacturing process, silicone toys may be more expensive but the benefits are well worth the expense.

Glass: Most of your glass adult toys are made from clear medical grade borosilicate glass. The great thing about glass toys is that they are non-toxic and can stand extreme heat and cold. They are also non-porous and easy to clean. Many glass adult toys come in vibrating and non-vibrating models too!

There are still more materials out there than mentioned here. Be sure to educate yourself properly about these them to include:

  • The ability to conduct hot and cold
  • Related toxins
  • Feel, flexibility, durability, and hardness
  • Compatibility with lubricants
  • Clean up!

Choosing your adult toys carefully to make sure you can enjoy them for years to come!

Men Wanna Play (with toys) Too!


For our male audience, we’re betting that you’ve all heard at least once, “If you keep jerking off like that you’re gonna go blind”! A recent article published on Ranker.com tells us that as far back as 770BC, masturbation for males was unhealthy and forbidden. No surprise there. Men who masturbate have been ridiculed and labeled as perverts for years.

We don’t feel that way. Male masturbation is as healthy and normal as female masturbation. Frequent ejaculation has been shown to promote a healthier prostate by flushing out built up toxins. So unless you’re fortunate to have a partner to help with your ejaculatory needs so that you can maintain your prostate health, you’re on your own.

Fortunately, the adult novelty manufacturers are witnessing an explosion (pardon the pun) in the sale of male toys. From masturbation sleeves to penis pumps to prostate massagers, there is something available to satisfy every man and every comfort level.

Fleshlight is a premiere manufacturer of masturbation sleeves, cleverly disguised as a flashlight. The sleeves are made of patented “Real Feal Super Skin”, and the sensation is extraordinary. They come in a variety of orifice entries designed to mimic a mouth, a vagina and an anus, and they even feature a smaller travel model for extra discretion. There are extensive choices for the inner sleeve as well, with varied widths and textures designed for different intensity levels.

Have you heard of the P-Spot? It’s the female equivalent of the G-Spot and deserves the same attention. Prostate massage can alleviate prostate pain and help to restore healthy erections. The Renegade product line of prostate massagers from NSNovelties feature powerful vibrations for internal and external stimulation. Made from body safe platinum silicone, these products are perfect for P-Spot play.

It’s about time that men are allowed and encouraged to embrace and enjoy their sexuality the same way that women are. And that means that men are allowed to play with their toys too!


Sex Toys Get a Bad Rap


Sex toys definitely get a bad rap. What’s your first thougth when someone mentions those words to you? Deviance? Promiscuity? Slutiness? None of those should apply. Society is evolving in a way even I wouldn’t have considered 20 years ago. Then again, 20 years ago, I probably thought the same thing when I heard the words “sex toys”.

Kinder and gentler terms have emerged with regards to sex toys. Adult toys, adult novelties, adult pleasure products, sexual health aids: these are the terms that are more often being used by retail purveyors of these items to encourage the public to take a second look and to rethink the negative connotations that these words conjure up. More importantly, many retailers are focusing on education of these products to further assist with removing the stigma of these products. 

Learning about and maintaining your sexual health is no different than learning about and maintaining the health of your heart. As a society, we’ve not been encouraged to consider the importance of maintaining our sexual health because sex is still a taboo subject in the media. Gladly, many are trying to change that.

Many popular daytime TV talk shows are openly discussing sexual health, and the importance that adult toys can play all aspects of that effort. The CBS television show The Doctors and Dr. Ruth Westheimer, a world-renowed sex therapist, aired a segment on introducing the use of adult toys. They demonstrated the We-Vibe 3, a new adult product from We-Vibe. To look at the We-Vibe, you’d never know it was a couples vibrator, designed and marketed to enhance and bring more excitement to couples play in the bedroom.  The Dr. Oz Show conducted a sex survey which revealed that 58% of people had purchased a sex aid. Along with Dr. Laurie Berman, a sex educator educator and therapist, they have produced a series of wonderful segments for the Dr. Oz Show called “Your Top Bedroom Boosters”.

Tending to your sexual health deserves the same attention and urgency with which you tend to your heart health. The benefits for both are amazing and can support a long, happy, healthy life!